Network Monitor with Software Define Network (SDN)

Network Monitor with Software Defined Network (SDN), TELE4642 UNSW

Tags: TELE4642, SDN, POX, Python, Network

Problem statement:

In this age, almost all households and establishments are connected to the Internet through an ISP. Users (Parents) who subscribe to a data plan with a monthly cap tend to exceed their limit due to large usage which are mainly from video streaming sites/apps like Youtube. Because of the excessive usage, they are required to pay more money and this leads to user frustration. To avoid this frustration,, users would want to monitor their data usage. With this as motivation, we present our Network Supervisor..


Building a tool that can monitor the internet usage activities of users within a home network. This tool will allow the administrators who use the software to see the amount of data being downloaded by each user from different websites.

We will assume that there are 3 applications which make up the majority of users consumption of the internet. These include:

  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • NetFlix

Thus, we will be monitoring the internet usage of each users accessing these 3 applications


Students: Chayut Orapinpatipat; Thanchanok Sutjarittham; Solis,Michael Vincent; Fang,Vincent;




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